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Packing for a move is always a daunting task. While you are focusing on major things like disassembling furniture and protecting fragile items, clothes packing is often left for the last minute. Usually, these are just thrown haphazardly in moving bags. This approach may result in a considerable waste of precious moving space, let alone a wrinkled or even damaged wardrobe. To avoid it, here are a few tips on how to easily pack clothes for moving.


Sort and declutter

You may not even know yourself how many unnecessary things you keep. So the first step is to get rid of them. Prepare a decluttering checklist to sort through closets and dressers and throw away or donate old and worn items.



Group by category

You will not need all your clothes at once, and it will be helpful to group these by type, season, and frequency of use. It will make all things easily accessible upon arrival and simplify the unpacking process.


Prepare supplies

You will need boxes, packing paper and tape, bubble wrap, stickers and markers. Consider special garment bags for delicate or expensive clothing.


Get some vacuum bags

Bulky items such as sweaters and coats take up too much space. Use vacuum bags to compress these items. They also serve as good protection from dust and moisture during the move.


Use wardrobe boxes

You may not bother about casual clothing — roll these and staff tight into regular packing boxes. But there are items that need to be transported hanging – wardrobe boxes will come in handy in this case.


Keep essentials at hand

Prepare a few changes of clothing and basic toiletries to pack in a separate box or suitcase. It will save you a lot of time during the first days at a new place.


Labels all boxes and bags

Make sure you put a sticker with a clear description of the contents on each box or bag.


Start preparing as early as possible

It’s main tip. Otherwise, you’ll be in a rush, packing things with irregularities, and you might just end up with a mess. If you lack time to organize the move, the best solution is to contact specialists who will easily handle all issues with collection and transportation.