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Moving is always a stressful process. And it can turn into absolute chaos when you rely on the wrong mover. All moving companies promise to handle your move with no issues, but many people need more experience to choose a reliable moving company. So we have compiled a list of tips for you to remember when planning a relocation. This approach will ensure a seamless and stress-free move. Look through these dos and don’ts to find true experts in moving.


Do not underestimate the research

All legitimate movers have official websites with clear information on costs and other details on cooperation. It is risky to trust a company with little or no reputation. In the best case, you will get poor service; in the worst case, you may even lose your possessions.


Do not hesitate to verify all credentials

A reputable moving company can always prove it is licensed and insured and present official registration documents. This precaution will protect your belongings from losses and damages. Even in the case of an accident, you will get compensated.


Do not forget to ask about additional fees

It is a big mistake to rely only on the official quote you received in response to your request. Many companies have hidden fees they may add to your final cost without warning – for packing, storage, or extra time.


Do not stick to one option

It is advisable to get quotes from several movers and compare them. Having several estimates at hand will allow you to avoid overcharges. Besides, you will know how the companies build their bills and the fair price for each service.


Do not get tempted by the lowest price

Every move involves enough expenses. An exceedingly low cost can be a signal of zero experience. Such a deal may bring a lot of issues that will eventually lead to additional losses.


Do not choose a very busy company

Some movers overload themselves. Even if it is a sign of being popular among customers, it is also an alert of possible delays and cancellations.


Do not book your move last minute

Planning can save you a lot of costs. Moreover, many things can go entirely wrong when done in a rush. So make sure you plan your relocation well ahead to have enough time for preparation.


Do not miss to read customer feedback

The best proof of the company’s efficiency is the positive feedback from its clients. Take time to learn what others say about the services they have received, and you will clearly see the potential pitfalls.


Do not deal with companies asking for upfront payment

If your mover asks for an advanced payment of the bigger part of the expected cost, it is better to look for another service.


Do not keep looking for responses when you notice communication is terrible

If the mover struggles to answer your calls and emails in time, their services might also be poor. Give your preference to those who provide you with comprehensive information without fail.


These are the main red flags that will help you avoid additional costs and stress during your relocation. If you approach it wisely and find the right movers, they will handle everything seamlessly, timely and affordably.