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moving supplise

If you have moved at least once in your life, you know that this process can be a pain if you do not prepare for it in advance. And it is not only finding a reliable moving company — there are a lot of additional technical nuances you need to arrange properly to make your relocation stress-free. Packing is one of these. Once you start preparing for the move, you will discover your need to pack your belongings properly and safely. So you must get essential packing supplies. We have prepared a little guide for you to make your packing easier.

Types of moving supplies

It is tempting to get all these things from a moving company and forget about the issue. However, you will skyrocket your moving budget in this way. It is not so complicated to purchase all essentials and you will save a nice sum of money. But before ordering anything, you need to know what types of moving essentials you may need for your move.

  • These are the number one supply for relocation of any complexity, as you will use boxes for the majority of your belongings. Usually, you will need boxes of different sizes. Small ones are good for heavier items, while large boxes work well for bulky but lightweight things. Do not forget to buy box dividers if you are to pack glassware or other fragile items. Opt for good-quality boxes that are made of several-ply cardboard to avoid unpleasant surprises and damage.
  • These can come in the form of foam sheets or bubble wraps. You will use these accessories to insert between breakable things in the boxes. Packing foam may come in rolls and is convenient for wrapping items of all possible sizes and shapes. Sometimes you can even use plain newspapers to protect your delicate items.
  • It may sound unnecessary, but it is highly recommended to label all your boxes and packages. Your move will inevitably bring enough mess and chaos, and neatly labelled stuff will save you tons of time when you are looking for something particular after the relocation. Make sure to prepare enough colored stickers before you start packing.
  • Packing tape. This element is essential as you will use it literally for everything. It is important to get the tape of good quality so it sticks well and your boxes do not fall apart. You may also get a special gun for the tape to make packing more convenient.
  • Plastic bags. You will need all sizes of plastic bags to protect your belongings from moister and dust. You can also get some Ziploc bags for packing documents and small items.
  • Lifting straps or ropes. If you are to relocate furniture and other bulky items, you will need special straps. They will help you lift and maneuver with no effort or damage. Besides, cargo straps can be used to secure items during transit.
  • Hand truck. Even if you hire a moving company, you will also be involved in a lot of work. So a hand truck or a dolly will enable you to replace hefty packages. It can be rented at many locations.
  • Small supplies. These include scissors, utility knives, permanent markers, garbage bags, gloves and cleaning supplies. These are not exactly items for packing, but you will need these before and after the move.

This list can be continued — we have only highlighted the basic ones that are needed for any type of moving.

How to choose the right items for packing?

Most people struggle to tell how many and which moving supplies they need for packing. So here is a short checklist of what you are to do:

  • Make an inventory of all your things. It will enable you to separate all the stuff you do not need in a new home, thus do not need to pack. You will also be able to estimate how many boxes and bags you should purchase.
  • Create a list of supplies. Once you roughly know how many supplies of each type you need, you may research on the Internet where to get all of them at a reasonable price or just rent them.
  • Check your moving budget. Now you can calculate how much it will cost you to get all this stuff. In case you are far beyond your planned budget, do not worry. There are a lot of ways to find an affordable alternative.

How to save on packing supplies?

You may find it quite expensive if you need to purchase all accessories for packing. But there is always a way to bring it down. Here are a few tips that may help you:

  • Rent your moving supplies. A lot of companies offer many items for rent — these are crates, hand trailers, and blankets.
  • Do not purchase too many items. Try to estimate in advance how many boxes and other things you may need to not be left with extras.
  • Find free used boxes. It is not a rare case that local businesses dispose of used boxes that are still sturdy enough. The same refers to bubble wrap and paper for packing — look for these in the local social media groups.
  • You may already have some materials at home. Everyone has markers, sealing tapes, sealable and even garbage bags somewhere on the shelf. You can also use your suitcases and even duffle bags to pack your clothes.
  • Do not throw away old linen and towels. These will come in handy for wrapping fragile items.
  • Make an inventory of belongings for transit. You will not need everything in a new place. So the less you are taking with you, the less you need to pack!

This approach will significantly reduce the cost you need to spend on packing accessories.

If you are relocating soon, do not put off the purchase of moving supplies until the last minute. The success of the process will entirely depend on your preparation. So start planning your upcoming move well in advance to make it frenzy-free.